Utrecht Makes Liverpool Look Silly

If you are a Liverpool supporter, and you happened to miss yesterday’s Europa League group stage match against FC Utrecht at Stadion Galgenwaard, let me sum it up for you:

Liverpool looked awful.

The Utrecht attack was incredible, pinning us for a good portion of the game. Carragher looked anemic in the back, there was no consistent attack, and Torres didn’t look threatening at all.

Liverpool should feel privileged to only draw 0-0. The Reds could have, (and should have) lost the match.

I saw that after the loss to Northampton, Reds legend Jan Molby said publicly that all who wear the red kit should be ashamed of themselves. He had a point. But it isn’t just crashing out of the Carling Cup. We really look piss poor all around.

There is absolutely no heart with this team. They seem like they go onto the pitch for 90 minutes of exercise every match,  with the ball as an afterthought.

Of course, I could go off on a tangent about our finances/owners, but it really isn’t worth it at the moment. We are just crap on the pitch, and we have players that I know are better than what they are showing us.

Is it Roy? Does Hodgson not care that any of these players lack fight? Can we get a manager who actually cares about this? We need someone who rouses the troops. I hope Roy can turn this around, but things are looking bleak. If we keep this up, he will be pushed out the door by Christmas.

Hodgson has only won twice in major competitions this season.

Roy needs to come out and start blaming players. Personally, I don’t care that Torres has been injured. He is ALWAYS injured. Gerrard has not done a whole hell of a lot this season. Cole….where the hell have you been? Carragher, as I said before….needs to be benched. Lucas may have scored against Bucharest, but he is still completely awful, and does not even deserve a bench spot. Kuyt hasn’t been awful, but not his usual electric self. The defense as a whole isn’t hustling up and down the pitch. Pepe has been solid, but even he has been kind of spotty.

And, Roy didn’t even put David N’Gog into the match! N’Gog, who is playing better than ever, is destroying in Europa League. How do you not even put him on as a substitute? Disgraceful, we are.

Of course, I am still going to watch every match I can. We all are. But the more and more we look like Wolves, the more frustrating this all becomes.

Someone needs to get a kick in the ass, or we are going to continue to play at this unacceptably sub-par level.


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