On Liverpool Supporters and Administration

LFC logoThis is a very turbulent time for Liverpool supporters. Our club is a shambles, we have exorbitant amounts of debt, the team can’t win on the pitch, and morale is at an all-time low.

The club currently sits in 15th place in the table. Everyone, including myself, wants Tom Hicks and George Gillett out  of Liverpool. But at what cost?

In this article, published by The Telegraph, says:

“A poll conducted by Vizu for the supporters’ website anfieldroad.com revealed that 97.6 per cent of Liverpool’s fans believe administration is a better option for the future of the club than seeing Hicks and Gillett allowed to remain in control beyond October.”

First of all, NEVER trust internet polls. They do not accurately reflect anything. But the reason I bring this up is because I have heard from many Liverpool fans that feel this way.

I have to ask, are these fans who believe this completely insane?

Liverpool is in deep trouble, yes. But as much as we want/need H&G to get out as soon as possible, administration is not a realistic option. If you think that it is a good thing AND that H&G are bad for the club, just wait until we have a bank as our owner. It will get worse. The January transfer window will bring Liverpool fans to tears, and the club will be brought to their knees. Hicks and Gillett may be pariahs, but the damage they have caused is minimal compared to what a bank can do to us.

I believe that Liverpool will get sold, and the supporters will be able to avoid such a travesty, but there will be a cost. Kiss next year’s Champions League goodbye right now. It isn’t happening. Europa League? At this point I begin to doubt it. If we can avoid administration, I will be relieved with a top 10 finish. If we do happen to go into administration, survival is our only hope.

Also I have heard from supporters that they would be fine with relegation if it means that H&G are gone. Again, this is asinine. Let’s take a trip down memory lane:

Leeds badge

Leeds United: The club was in debt over £100 million. They ended up selling every player that meant something, and eventually crashed out of the Premier League at the end of the 2003-04 season. This only a couple years after nearly being European Champions.

But it got worse. Once in The Championship, the club still couldn’t settle their problems. Despite making the Playoff Final at the end of the 2005-06 season, the club failed to win, and eventually were forced to enter administration in May of 2007. They received a 10 point penalty and were relegated to the Third Division (League One).

Oh, and it got worse for Leeds. Once in the Third Division, they received a 15 point penalty and were nearly liquidated.

Fun Fact: This is where Leeds supporters came up with the brilliant song, “Fifteen points, who gives a f*ck!? We’re Super Leeds, and we’re going up!”

Leeds survived, but it has taken them until last season, on the back of Jermaine Beckford, to make it back to The Championship. Leeds will be back in the Premiership soon (I believe), but that was too close of a call.

And another thing to remember is this: Portsmouth F.C. went into administration last season. They were the first club that went into administration while in the Premiership. The precedent is now there. It can happen.

If you still aren’t convinced, hear this out. Liverpool is considered one of England’s “Big Four.” With our financial problems, as well as our standing in English football, do you really think that the FA will put up with us like they put up with Pompey? They will punish us far worse. Our club would embarrass them by having to enter administration.

Liverpool can still avoid this, or worse. They can be sold. But if fans don’t step back and let happen what needs to happen, they will do nothing to help the situation. Protests are useless. Do you really think H&G care if supporters sit outside Anfield and hold up signs? Here’s the short answer: They don’t.

This club is like a religion, or more to most of our loyal supporters, including me. I want to see it continue. But with other Liverpool supporters acting so stupidly, I am afraid that a great deal of the supporters will do more harm than good. I want to see this club not only survive, but thrive. I want to witness this club rise to relevance again. I want to see us raise the Premier League trophy for the first time. This can happen, and I believe it will. We just have to be patient. With a little luck, we will get through this.



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