CC: Scousers 2-2 Whothehellarethecobblers (Liverpool loses on PKs 2-4)

Liverpool played League Two side Northampton Town in the Third Round of the Carling (League) Cup Wednesday. This is easily the biggest upset of the day and continues my club’s tailspin that is getting harder and harder to pull out of. The club has debt that is difficult to imagine, they can’t put together a cohesive team in the Premiership and now they crash out of the Carling Cup, the tournament that is thought to be the easiest to succeed in when it comes to the English game. Well, someone tell the players that the club was supposed to win.

Manager Roy Hodgson apologized to the media, but this game isn’t his fault. The team played with no heart, no grit. This is a big screw up for Liverpool, and it just is another dish in a very overfilled sink. Eventually it is going to collapse onto the floor. Let’s hope it is as little as possible.

Even though we crashed out, we were not alone. Everton and Spurs went out yesterday, and today we were joined by Chelsea, Manchester City and Blackburn. None of them had the embarrassment that we endured, it is a little bit less painful that they are out as well.


Montreal Impact Pre-MLS Update: Because of Miami FC’s victory tonight, L’Impact are going to the USSF Div-2 playoffs! Congrats!


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